Wednesday, March 4, 2009

How to Make a Happy Sock

Before starting, it’s best to assemble everything you’ll need: a bowl containing a few ounces of catnip, an opened bag of polyfill, and a pile of donated socks.

1) Take a sock and be sure there are no holes in it. If there are, it may still be a perfectly workable Happy Sock, but you’ll need to keep those holes in mind.

2) Gather the sock all the way onto your thumbs as if you were about to put it on your own foot, with the toe facing away from you.

3) Keep one of your hands inside the gathered sock, but take the other hand away and grasp a healthy handful of polyfill.

4) Use the handful of polyfill like a mitten to grab a pinch of catnip from the bowl.

5) Stuff the polyfill and catnip way into the toe of the sock, as far down as possible.

6) Pull your hand out of the sock, leaving the polyfill and catnip inside the toe.

7) Tie a knot in the sock around the ankle, ensuring that the polyfill and catnip stay way down inside the toe where you stuffed them.

You’ve made a Happy Sock!