Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Make a Sign for Collecting Socks

You can copy the information below and use it for making signs announcing your sock collection effort. Attach signs to big cardboard boxes and position them in clever places like animal shelters, schools, or churches. (Be sure to ask for permission first.)
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We want your SOCKS!

Operation Happy Sock creates and delivers catnip toys to homeless cats in animal shelters. Our volunteers make simple toys, called "Happy Socks," by putting catnip in the toe of an old sock and tying a knot at the ankle.

We welcome donated socks that meet these guidelines:

Clean – please run them through the washer first.
Sweat socks and fuzzy socks are terrific!
Any size (baby and kids’ sizes too) are welcome.
Thin synthetics or nylons may not be durable enough.
Even socks with holes are fine – we are experts at making a toy from almost any sock!

It’s time to clean out that sock drawer and admit that all those lone socks will probably never meet their mates again. Give 'em a second life as a Happy Sock!

Thank you on behalf of homeless cats everywhere!


  1. Hi your blog is nice. Cats are like kids they like to play with toys. Toys give your pets company when they are alone. Socks are good cat toys, keep sharing information like this. To get best cat or dog toys you can visit Pets Department

  2. Might I recommend collecting at laundromats too. So many lost socks there.