Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Advanced Happy Sock Techniques

· Got a really long sock? Try making TWO polyfill/catnip deposits with TWO knots in them. We call this the “double whammy” Happy Sock.

· Got a sock with a hole in the toe? Try tying a knot down around the toe first, to seal off the hole, and then see if you can still make a Happy Sock with the remaining material as usual.

· Got a hole in the heel? EASY! Just stuff the toe of the sock as usual, but be sure to tie the knot right where the hole is. No one will ever suspect!

· Baby socks? No-ankle socks? You’d be amazed how easy it is to stretch them out and still make a Happy Sock out of them. Kids with little hands are really good at making Happy Socks from tiny socks – let them show you how!

· Hopelessly hole-y sock? No such thing! If it’s really full of holes, it’s ready to serve as filler, just like the polyfil. No sock goes unused!

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