Wednesday, March 4, 2009

What Do You Need to Make a Happy Sock?

You need 3 things to make a Happy Sock:

1. A sock

2. A fistfull of polyfill

3. A pinch of catnip.

Just grab that handfull of polyfill,
use it to pick up the catnip,
and stuff everything into the toe of the sock.

Now take out your hand and tie a knot in the ankle of the sock.

Voila! You made a Happy Sock!


  1. We are doing this for one of our Girl Scout petals. And donating them to our local no kill shelter.

  2. The happy socks are easy to make, and fun. I did a survey: 66% of cats surveyed loved the sock, and 33% played regularly with the sock. The younger cats liked it more, generally. Only 1 out of the 9 surveyed managed to rip it apart. It was generally acknowledged that the sock should be sized to the cat. Heavier socks are needed for the rough-playing cats, but for long lasting toys, that would be necessary anyway. People (and cats) like the idea. It is suitable for Boy and Girl Scout projects, but younger children need closer supervision to not spill the catnip. Smaller socks need much less poly fill, as tying knots in about half an inch of sock is not easy, but on the whole, a great project for the scout or cat lover. -- Julia (Junior Girl Scout)

    1. I would add that you might want to make sure your donations will be accepted before you make lots of Happy Socks. Our local large-chain pet shop would not take them for their adoption program, but the county animal shelter was glad to have them.

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  4. Good work. Make more Ideas to make Happy Socks.