Wednesday, March 4, 2009

5 Easy Steps

(1) Collect socks. You’ll be amazed how happy people are to clean out their “missing sock drawer,” especially when their unwanted socks will be helping others. Be sure to ask friends, relatives, and coworkers for their socks, and think about putting sock collection boxes in handy locations at school, church, or other likely spots. (You can make a “Happy Socks Collection Sign” using info provided in this blog.)

(2) Gather your Happy Sock materials. For every 100 socks you collect, you’ll need:

· Three 12-ounce bags or two 22-ounce bags of polyester fiberfill
(available for around $2-3/bag at WalMart or craft stores), and

· About 1 pound of catnip (available at stores or online for $25-$50/lb). Please see “All About Catnip” on page 5 for more sourcing information.

(3) Call a local animal shelter to see when you can visit. You’re likely to find several shelters if you go to and enter your town, state, and “animal shelter.” Some shelters have tours for groups of children who visit, while others are more casual. It’s best to call ahead and be sure they’ll let you give Happy Socks to the cats yourself.

(4) Have your Happy Sock Production Party! In addition to the socks and filler materials, you’ll need:
a. A work area consisting of a big table and chairs for everyone;
b. Tablecloths (disposable paper or plastic is ideal);
c. Bowls to pour catnip into (one bowl for every 3 or so people);
d. Plastic bags to put the finished Happy Socks into. (A standard, white kitchen garbage bag easily contains 100 finished toys.)
e. A DustBuster or other mini-vacuum for easy clean-up;
f. Goodies to create the party atmosphere your group will enjoy.

Special notes: Catnip is very lightweight, so be sure to hold your Production Party in an area away from drafts, fans, or sneezing people! Catnip dust floats everywhere, so we recommend that the work table area not be used as an eating or drinking area.

Cats enjoy helping out but should be discouraged from eating more than a little (about 1 teaspoon) of the catnip since significant amounts can upset their stomachs. (For more advice, please see the section on “How to Make a Happy Sock”.)

(5) Deliver your Happy Socks to the animal shelter! We recommend that you call ahead to see if you can give the Happy Socks to the cats in person. Be sure to clearly label your bags “Happy Socks (Catnip Toys).” And don’t forget the camera!

"Thanks. I really needed a Happy Sock."

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